MadCoffee with Madhukar Soma | ft.Dinesh Khanna

In this episode of #MadCoffeewithMadhukarSoma, we have a rebellion of the old ways, gives way to an incredible journey of life. Many layers into his career graph, starting with selling calculators, working in a garment factory and clearing tables in an Eastside Bar in New York, and had a serious stint of 12 years in advertising before quitting it when on top of the game for the first love, i.e. photography, in 1990.

He strongly believes that every job is a way of getting educated in real time. For him, Photography is not just a profession or a passion, but his means of understanding and feeling the world & life around him.
Let me proudly invite a photographer friend, the Co-Founder of Nazar Foundation, and ‘Delhi Photo Festival’, Dinesh Khanna!
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